Product Featuress

Easy to Learn and Use

One-stop-destination for examination, preparation, recruitment, and more. Specially designed online examination system to solve all your preparation worries. The platform is smooth to use with a translational flow of information.

Highly Interactive Interface

A click to the next trick, simple registration, easy test and quiz creation, signing- in, synchronized processing, secured encoding and decoding of information and more.

Advanced Reporting System

Instant scorecard generation, computational analysis, efficient feedback sharing to boost up your performance and precision. An ultimate combination of detailed and drilled methodologies that will eventually complement your skills and grades.

Splendid Supports

Your request and our actions to strive triggered support. A dedicated team is working round the clock to provide 24 X 7 streamlined access to our technical experts.

A technology based assessment platform that is provided on a Software as a Service ( SaaS) basis as well as Pay per use. Our assessment services encompass the following.

Conduct any type of online Exam, Assessment, Test or Quiz for an Institute, Assessment body & Organization with following specialization..

  • Admin login to manage end to end assessment cycle
  • Assessment features to suit individual requirements
  • Versatile content design and management modules
  • Bulk upload features to support large scale projects
  • Intuitive test taking interface that can be customized
  • Customized results format to match your requirements
  • Integrated big data analytics enabling strategic decision making

Key Features

  • Works in All Indian Languages (Google Translator)
  • Online MCQ Exam Tools

  • Class/Job role Management
  • Students/Assessor with Tech Support Management
  • Question Bank Management

  • Live Exam Management

  • Export/ Import Data

  • Deep Result Analysis

  • Refreshing has no effect on timer
  • 4 types of Questions (MCQ, Pictorial, Videos & Fill in the Blanks)
  • Create section wise Exam

  • Rank Analysis & Result Comparison

  • SMS & Email Alerts


  • No effect of internet connection lost

  • Data Back up on internet or electricity disconnection

  • Geo Tagging & Real Time Stamping on Photos

  • Random Photo Capturing during Assessment

  • Simultaneous login restriction & Consecutive Login attempt restriction

  • Restrictions on attempt to navigate away from Test UI.

  • Screen shot lock & Keyboard lock Photo Burst

  • Question and answer randomization.

  • Configurable assessment Time & Assessment Logs reports.

  • Question Reattempt, Mark for Review

  • Multi Lingual Content & Pictorial Questions

  • Remote Proctoring: To capture Photo, Video of candidate appearing for the exam.
  • Contact the examiner through the platform.
  • Offline Assessment: With Android App even at the remote location can conduct an assessment with ease
  • Take Control anytime: With AI platform you can always take control of the examination if need be.
  • AI-Driven Online Exam Platform to automate objective, subjective assessments powered with intelligent proctoring and analytics. Product Benefits - Data Analysis: Analyze Exam Data with various statistics and analytics with Ranking, Avg scores, topic-wise performance.

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    More Features

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    Real time Assessment dashboard

    Real-time assessment provides actionable data to drive instruction and timely intervention.

    Real time result & Analytics

    Real time analytics is the analysis of data as soon as that data becomes available.

    Live Assessment

    In a live proctored test, monitors the candidates, audio-video and Elimination of high costs of proctored assessment centers.

    Real time Batch Status

    The Batch Submission Detail Report provides real-time detailed status information about the candidate assessment submission